$name : Chubby Prompt Generator $author : FrozenLakeBeast $description : Get a prompt to make characters chubby $amount : 1 $button : Choose! ///borrowed prompts from roundelet and iwritetheweird stuff on tumblr $prompt Feedee, underestimating how much food there was, groaning from somehow fitting it all in their stomach Feeder straddling their feedee's belly as they stuff them They have to share a bed but one of them has put on weight recently Unintentional weight gain and denial, "This was always tight"/"It must have shrunk in the laundry"/"I'm just a little bloated" Gainer refuses to believe how much they've gained Gainer tries to come up with excuses and rationalizations, anything to deny weight gain Gainer borrows clothes from bigger friend Character gets defensive about their weight gain being pointed out Character A starts gaining weight when they move in with Character B Character A thinks Character B would look cute chubby Character A gets concerned when Character B gains weight and tries to get them to loose some. It backfires and Character B is happy. Character A is chubby, wants to lose weight for Character B. Character A liked them as they were. Character A misjudges Character B's size and buys clothes that are too small. Character A overhears Character B say something about their size, misunderstands. Hurt/Comfort ensues. Characters A and B gain weight, both notice each other but are oblivious to their own. Characters A and B spend time apart from each other, one or both gains weight while apart. Character A has to wear too-small clothing, Character B helps put it on Character A is embarrassed by how much they like having their fat touched and played with Character A used to be chubby, lost it, and is now gaining it back Character A tries to hide their gain from B Character A teases Character B about their gain, B has no idea they gained weight A child comments on how fat Character A is, A is embarrassed Character A gained weight and is getting weighed at the doctor's office Character A's ex broke up with them for gaining weight, Character B comforts them Unintentional weight gain Holiday weight Freshman 15 Eating to not waste food Mutual weight gain Size difference/comparison Body worship Button popping/seam ripping Teasing Visit a buffet Do a restaurant's eating challenge Weighing/measurements Starter belly Food related AU Outside perspective on character's weight gain Focus on body part other than stomach Character A works in a food shop, sees Character B daily, B gains weight Food critic AU Chef AU $suggestion [prompt]